Your Membership Card is in Your Mailbox!

If you’re a current member of Wyoming Gun Owners, please read this.

The board of Wyoming Gun Owners wanted to make sure you knew to keep a close eye on your mailbox as your 2021 membership card will be arriving any day now!

In fact, there’s a chance that your membership card has already arrived and is sitting on your kitchen table right now!

Your membership card was sent assuming that you’ll be renewing your support in Wyoming Gun Owners and in our fight for freedom in 2021 — something I hope you’ll do immediately.

I’ve got to tell you; I think that we’re in for one heck of a fight next year at the state and federal level.

While nothing is certain right now, it looks like Joe Biden will be in the White House come January, and if that happens, it will unleash attacks on our gun rights like we’ve never seen!

And this isn’t just a fight that will be won or lost in Congress. Across the country, state level gun-grabbers are FIRED UP and getting ready for an all-out war against the Second Amendment in state legislatures, too.

Last week, for example, an incredible 23 gun control bills were filed in Texas in advance of the 2021 session in Austin.

And I think we’ll see a growing number of gun control bills filed in here in Cheyenne, too, when session begins in January.

That’s because the gun grabbers we are dealing with these days aren’t like the ones we have dealt with in the past. They aren’t going to calmly sit back and wait for the majority.

They are constantly testing the wire and doing everything they can to force weak-kneed Republican leaders to ‘make a deal’ on a ‘common sense gun reform bill.’

And with the incredible weakness that we’ve seen out of Republican leadership in Cheyenne over the last several years, we can’t take anything for granted!

That’s why I need all hands on deck in 2021. So please keep an extra eye on your mailbox for your Wyoming Gun Owners membership card and please rush your renewal back to us right away!

Of course, if you prefer, you can also renew your membership online right away, ensuring that you’re in the fight for 2021.

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Don’t forget (for anyone who wants one) that all Lifetime, Patriot, or Freedom level memberships come with a FREE WYGO T-Shirt as our way of thanking you for your generous support.

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Policy Advisor
Wyoming Gun Owners

P.S. If you’re a current member in Wyoming Gun Owners, please keep an eye on your mailbox as your 2021 membership card will be arriving at any moment — in fact it may have already arrived!

The fight for our Second Amendment is going to get white hot next year, especially if Joe Biden does end up in the White House, as radical gun-grabbers are convinced that this is their chance to implement their entire gun control agenda!

But you don’t have to wait to renew your membership through the mail, you can do it online right now using this link.

And for anyone who renews as a Lifetime, Patriot, or Freedom level member, don’t forget to choose the size of the free T-Shirt!