WYGO’s Fighting to Expose Gun-Grabbers – Can You Help Us?

With just weeks to go until Election Day, the fight for gun rights is red hot!

While President Trump’s poll numbers in Wyoming remain very strong, legislative races that will decide the future of our gun rights for the next two years are a different story. That’s especially true with Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety working to attack pro-gun candidates and put radical gun-grabbers into power in Cheyenne!

Simply put: Radical leftists across Wyoming are STILL furious that Wyoming passed Stand-Your-Ground law in 2018, and they are determined to attack pro-gun legislators in the House and Senate with everything they’ve got!

If gun owners don’t fight back right now — and  fight hard — we will be sending the message to Bloomberg’s forces that we are willing to sit back as they turn our beloved Wyoming into the next Colorado!

Wyoming Gun Owners is on the front lines in this fight, and we are going to do everything we can to expose the truth about these candidates who hate the Second Amendment.

Above is a digital ad that we are running starting this week in Cheyenne, letting gun owners know that Britney Wallesch is a radical leftist who hates gun owners, while Senator Anthony Bouchard led the fight for Stand-Your-Ground law in 2018!

I’m asking for your IMMEDIATE financial support to plaster ads just like these all over Wyoming’s radio, TV, and digital airwaves so that every gun owner in the state knows where their candidates stand on our right to keep and bear arms!

The copy is written.  The ads have been produced.  But we’re getting down to the wire, and I need your immediate help to run them in time to be effective.

WYGO members shook the ground here in Wyoming just over a month ago, as  our program to expose the records of anti-gun Republicans like Michael Von Flatern, Bill Pownall, Dan Kirkbride and many others led to the defeat of six incumbent legislators at the hands of educated gun owners!

But now we have to do it again, and time is running out.

Of course, Senate District 6 is just one of the races where we are exposing a candidate’s views on guns. We are also preparing to run this radio and digital ad in House District 55, where Ember Oakley is hoping that gun owners forget that she personally lobbied against Stand-Your-Ground law in 2018!

Now Ember Oakley is doing what candidates who hate gun rights normally do during an election here in Wyoming, posing with pictures of her holding a shotgun out hunting.

And even though her opponent Bethany Baldes has surveyed 100% pro-gun with WYGO, Ember Oakley is refusing her survey, meaning that we have no idea where she stands on critical issues facing gun owners, like:

>>>   Red Flag Gun Seizures; this is a top agenda item from today’s gun-grabbers as it would allow them to seize your firearms before you’ve been charged or convicted of a crime, through secret court hearings that you won’t be allowed to attend.

>>>   A Statewide Gun Registry; sold as a harmless ‘universal background check,’ this program would give the government a list of every gun owner in Wyoming, which is the first step towards eventual gun confiscation!

>>>   A 3-Day Waiting Period on Gun Sales; even as Antifa thugs riot across the country, politicians in Cheyenne continue to try to put you in jail for the ‘crime’ of buying a firearm for self-defense without waiting an arbitrary 72 hours!

That’s why  Ember Oakley has the support of some of the most anti-gun moderates in the State Capitol, because they are convinced that she will help them block pro-gun bills in committee!

It’s up to you and me, grassroots gun owners here in Wyoming, to stand fast and hold the line on our precious right to keep and bear arms! Our great-grandchildren are counting on us to preserve their freedoms, as our great-grandfathers did for us.

The cost of running radio, TV, and digital ads in multiple legislative districts adds up very fast — especially after we spent so heavily in the August primary cycle!

But we can’t hold anything back.

After all, ads like these are a critical complement to our hard-hitting email and U.S. mail programs, which are already in the works.

If you ever wanted to see what your contributions to Wyoming Gun Owners are helping to fund, just look at some of the U.S. mail your generosity paid for during the August primaries!

Every single piece of mail you see in the picture below was designed to EXPOSE the record of some anti-gun moderate who had voted against our gun rights — records that anti-gun politicians try desperately hard to hide from gun owners in their districts.

Gun owners, educated by Wyoming Gun Owners, have been booting radical gun grabbers out of office every two years since we were formed.

But the momentum is shifting here in Wyoming, and we can all feel it.

Between the radical socialist left and the establishment moderate Republicans, our gun rights are facing more threats than we’ve seen in years.

It’s time to lay it all on the line.

We’ve secured our budget to run these digitals ads in all of our targeted districts, but I am going to need your immediate help to get these ads on radio and TV.

Can you please dig deep and agree to a generous donation of $100 or even $250 today?

I know that’s a tremendous amount to ask for. But you saw, firsthand, how effective these programs are at exposing moderate Republican gun-grabbers during the August primaries. Now we need to do it again, this time against radical Democrats!

So if that is simply is just too much, please agree to $100, $75, $50 or at least $25!

Our Second Amendment freedoms and everything we love about Wyoming hangs in the balance. Future generations are counting on us.  It’s time to stand and fight!

Wyoming Gun Owners is ‘all in.’  Will you stand with us?

Please agree to your most generous contribution of $250, $100, $75, $50, at at least $25 TODAY!


For Freedom,

David Ball
Wyoming Gun Owners


P.S. Election day is right around the corner and radical gun-grabbers are working overtime here in Wyoming, attacking pro-gun candidates in a desperate attempt to stall Wyoming Gun Owners’ ability to pass pro-gun legislation in Cheyenne during the 2021 session!

Wyoming Gun Owners is already running an aggressive round of digital ads in targeted districts across the state, where radical gun-grabbers like Britney Wallesch and Ember Oakley are trying to hide the truth from gun owners!

You can see some of these ads here and here.

But I need your IMMEDIATE financial support to help me fund our radio and TV  ad buys, so that I can rapidly increase the size and effectiveness of this statewide media blitz!

With time running out, please agree to an immediate contribution of $250, $100, $75, $50 or at least $25 so that Wyoming Gun Owners can FIGHT.