State Legislation

She Wants to Crush Our Gun Rights!

“A meaningful number of registered Republicans in this reddest of states are really — get this — Democrats.” That was the Washington Post’s recent attempt to explain why anti-gun Democrat Mary Throne is suddenly surging in Wyoming’s governor race. The fact is, with time running out until the November elections, races from the State House all the way to Governor are tightening by the day. Gun-grabbers are more emboldened than

A Very Dangerous Threat!

The gun-grabbers believe a pick up of even just a handful of state legislative seats in Cheyenne this November will mean gun control is a done deal. All over the country, supposedly “pro-Second Amendment” Republicans are jumping on BILLIONAIRE Michael Bloomberg’s “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation order scheme. In fact, it’s already been passed into law in Florida where Republicans control the entire state government.  It passed under a GOP Governor

Don't Let Anti-Gunners Shut Us Down!

Any day now, I expect a loud knock at my door. A slick anti-gun government lawyer — armed with trumped-up legal complaints from Michael Bloomberg-backed gun control organizations and their pals in the media — will be grinning from ear-to-ear as he tells me, “SEE YOU IN COURT!” Sadly, these ugly tactics are becoming commonplace across America today as anti-freedom forces routinely abuse our legal system to target those they

Eight Anti-Gun Votes Mary Throne Hopes You Never Hear About!

With her Democratic nomination safely in hand, Mary Throne is hoping to pull the wool over the eyes of every gun owner in the state! Longtime WYGO members will remember that for the ten years she was elected, Mary Throne constantly tried to tell us how much she supports the Second Amendment. Now, as she runs for Governor, Throne is regaling gun owners with stories of her childhood and the

Video Update on ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ Legislation -- TAKE ACTION!

Michael Bloomberg is probably smiling from ear to ear right now in NYC, as he plots his new strategy of attacking our Second Amendment freedoms here in Wyoming. That’s because the support for ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation continues to grow — being sold as a ‘common sense compromise’ amongst lawmakers in state legislatures all over the country. It’s already passed in ‘red states’ like Florida and Indiana. And, with

Long Time Gun Rights Enemy Defeated Last Night!

While the gubernatorial race captured much of the headlines last night, gun owners have lots of reasons to be excited! We have already informed you about the pro-gun wins in Senate District 3 where Cheri Steinmetz received 71% of the vote and Senate District 5 where Bo Biteman received 56% of the vote. And gun owners should be happy that anti-gun candidates were defeated in House District 30, House District

Chuck Gray Defeats Radical Anti-Gunner in Primary Tonight!

The polls are closed, and the results are coming in across the state right now. And while most are focused only on the gubernatorial race, Wyoming Gun Owners has worked all summer to aggressively expose anti-gun candidates and highlight the record of pro-gun candidates. One of these radical anti-gun candidates is Daniel Sandoval, in House District 57. Sandoval, a long time Democrat who reportedly caucused for Bernie Sanders two years

Pro-Gun BLOW OUT in House District 30!

Mark Jennings has never been afraid to stand up for the Second Amendment. From his cosponsorship of Stand-Your-Ground law, to signing his 2018 WYGO candidate survey 100% pro-gun, Mark has always fought for the Second Amendment in Cheyenne! But when we asked Gail Symons where she stood on your gun rights and how she would vote if elected, Symons flatly refused to answer! Even after WYGO members began to ask

Pro-Gun Champion Bo Biteman Wins Senate Bid!

I wanted to make sure you knew that in Senate District 21, pro-gun champion and current State Representative, Bo Biteman, has been bumped up to the State Senate by educated gun owners! Biteman, who has sponsored numerous pro-gun bills for WYGO in the House over the last two years, was also a leading cosponsor of our Stand-Your-Ground law bill this year. So it should be no surprise that Biteman also


As you head out to the polls today, we wanted to make sure you remembered to only vote for candidates who are willing to FIGHT for the Second Amendment. While Wyoming has many candidates who claim to be pro-gun on the campaign path, many of them are quick to moderate and just do not fight for gun owners once safely back in office. That is one of the reasons why