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The Start of Nanny State Gun Control

The Gun Control Agenda has reared up and shown it’s ugly head here in Wyoming. While most of us would like Alaska style carry or broader concealed carry reciprocity, our State Attorney is working to do just the opposite. Bruce Salzburg was appointed by Gov. Freudenthal another Gun Grabber at heart. Gov. Freudenthal campaigned for Obama in other States on our dime, and told them that there was no confirmation

Laramie County Prosecutor Scott A. Homar goes after victim instead of thugs

Meet Chase Vosler, a young man that many would view as a hero, you see he had just picked up his younger sister and taken her home, it was after midnight and he was doing as instructed by his father.[…]

A friend of his sister that was staying with them had walked to their home and apparently she had troublemaker’s follow her there.

What happened next to this Cheyenne family was their worst nightmare, these troublemaker’s turned out to be thugs of the worst kind.