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Who would have ever guessed that Speaker of the House Tom Lubnau would have hosted a press conference along with Gillette Mayor Tom Murphy and Gillette’s Police Chief Jim Hloucal. Honestly, I figured as much. You see, when you have been keeping an eye on corrupt politicians long enough, you can almost predict how they will react when they are confronted with the truth. It’s just like turning the lights on

Gillette government firearm registry uncovered

I am writing to alert you about an egregious “keystroke” gun registration scheme that is taking place right now in Gillette Wyoming. Quite frankly we have suspected these “local” government data-bases for some time now. As you probably know, Big Brother Gone Wild as revealed in the NSA spy program — is just a symptom of total government corruption. In fact, willful and deliberate gun registration has been the “plan” of all

Most of us remember the quote by Ronald Reagan – “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.” Imagine this brand of “help” appearing at your doorstep…Please read on. Your elementary school aged child misses several days of school. First because of the flu, then when you thought things were getting better, pneumonia symptoms set in. What started out as a “cold” lingered as an illness that is so

Dear Friend,   HB-104 has been placed in committee. But so far, that’s about it — if it doesn’t move forward it may die a quiet death.The “Firearm Protection Act HB-104” is a bill that would make any anti-gun law or executive order which attempts to ban a semi-automatic firearm or limit the capacity of a magazine unenforceable in the state of Wyoming.Just as important it would penalize anyone trying

2013 WyGO backed legislation

Dear Gun Rights Supporter, With all the chatter from the rabid gun control politicians about a new weapons ban, a high capacity magazine ban and a national registration scheme… Now add gun-hating bureaucrats right here in Wyoming…the constant threats to your right to self defense seem never ending. I certainly believe 2013 will be one of the most challenging years that you and I will have since we’ve been fighting

Earlier this year with your help we defeated state legislation that would have expanded gun free zones, or better called — victim disarmament zones — in all County buildings around the state. But, as we know all too well, the gun-grabbers never sleep! Like a broken record, the anti-gun crowd and their pals in the media blame law-abiding gun owners like you and me and try to use tragedies as

The U.N. push to ban firearms may be on our doorstep. And this is only the tip of the spear — the U.N. objective is full control over your freedom! The recent questioning of Leon Panetta reveals that the elected representatives in congress have freely given U.S. sovereignty to outside “entities” and now these same elected officials appear to be no more than marionette puppets in control of “international masters”.

While you and I were busy fighting an expansion of gun-free zones here in Wyoming, the folks in Washington D.C. were moving to enact new gun control on a unsuspecting public. Sadly Representative Cynthia Lummis voted YES on a measure that criminalizes someone that is lawfully carrying a firearm for self defense. Under this federal legislation, H.R. 347 – Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act, anyone addressing the government with

Gun Control bill sponsor says that the NRA drafted and supported his gun control scheme. In one of the most egregious “sneak-attacks” on your gun rights, HB-70 bill sponsors Representative Jonathan Botten (R-Sheridan) and Senator Drew Perkins (R-Natrona) launched an attack to expand the list of places where law abiding citizens like you and me can no longer defend ourselves. This legislation “disguised” as a courtroom security measure would have

In an interview on Glenn Woods radio show (AM1270 in Gillette) Representative Tom Lubnau (R-Gillette) stated that HB-60 preemption reform legislation was a “crazy gun bill”. Of course Lubnau says he didn’t shoot down the bill –Reality Check– the bill failed 2 votes shy of the 2/3rds majority – 38-21. And YES Lubnau was a no vote! Click here to listen Glenn Woods AM1270 — Tom Lubnau In a stupendous