War Against Gun Rights Starts in Seventeen Hours!

In just seventeen hours, Joe Biden will be sworn in as President of the United States — and he will declare war against gun owners and our precious Second Amendment immediately!

There is no sugar coating what we are in for over the next four years.

President Obama was a vacation-seeking playboy who spent more time traveling around the world apologizing for being an American than he did trying to pass gun control — and the left was content with that.

Everything is different now. These raging socialists absolutely despise gun owners like you and me and they are bound and determined to disarm us — while they have a majority in Congress — once and for all! 

 Help Us Hold the Line!

There is no doubt that they are coming for our AR-15’s and every other self-defense rifle, along with all magazines that hold over 10 rounds, and a national ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ law.

But that’s just the start.

Their real goal is New York State styled legislation that would mandate mental health tests for gun owners, legislation that would make it a crime to touch a gun unless you’re 21, and civil liability insurance mandates for all of us!  

Anyone who tells you that the left isn’t coming for our guns is either totally clueless or is lying to you in an effort to get you to stand down and abandon our work to defend our gun rights.

Of course, the Wyoming Gun Owners will be doing everything we can to give you the information you need as these threats emerge, along with the tools you need to take action.

But today I’m being very blunt: we need your help as we work to mobilize every single gun owner in Wyoming to help us stop this attack on our freedom!

Draw a Line in the Sand Today! 

It’s not enough for gun owners to stock up on guns and ammo. That may be useful for a year or two, but that’s not going to do anything to pass on a heritage of freedom to our children and grandchildren.

And make no mistake, that is what we are facing: an enemy who wants to ensure that our children and grandchildren grow up in a world where the citizens are little more than unarmed serfs, helpless against an all-powerful federal government.

This is what our Founding Fathers warned us against.

This is what our forefathers fought against in the world wars of the previous century.

And now it’s our turn to take a stand, so that our ability as free men and women to keep and bear arms does not get extinguished on our watch.

Wyoming Gun Owners will be doing everything we can do to expose and defeat radical gun control both here in Cheyenne, and especially in Washington, D.C. — just like we’ve done for the past 13 years.  

But we can’t do this alone.

So please become a member of Wyoming Gun Owners today and take your place in this great fight for freedom.

Stand Up for Freedom!

As you’ll see, certain memberships come with shirts, caps and more, just choose the membership level that is right for you. 

If you’re already a member of Wyoming Gun Owners for 2021, please consider an immediate and generous donation so that we can FLOOD Wyoming’s Congressional delegation with calls and emails, all urging action against Biden’s gun control agenda!

If we don’t act, if Joe Biden is able to destroy our Second Amendment, we won’t be able to get it back. That’s just not how it works.

This is it.

We need every single gun owner in Wyoming to stand up and be counted.


And be sure to keep a sharp eye out for email alerts from Wyoming Gun Owners, as we’ll be giving you the action steps you need to help us defeat the attack that is coming at us like a freight train!

For Freedom, 

Aaron Dorr
Policy Advisor
Wyoming Gun Owners 

P.S. In just seventeen hours, Joe Biden will take his oath of office and kick off a four year long effort to decimate our Second Amendment freedoms forever!

I need every gun owner in Wyoming to stand up and be counted, or our children and grandchildren may inherit a country where they no longer have a right to keep and bear arms. 


And if you’re already a member for 2021, please make a generous donation here, to help Wyoming Gun Owners hold the line for freedom!