Don’t Miss WYGO’s First Ad of the Fall!

As we’ve told you before, House District 55 Candidate Ember Oakley is an enemy to gun rights, who personally lobbied against Stand-Your-Ground law in the Capitol in 2018!

Of course, she’s doing everything she can to hide that fact these days, even posing with a hunting shotgun just like Barack Obama used to do when he ran for the White House.

It’s pathetic.

But it’s not enough for WYGO members like you and me to have these facts, we need to make sure every gun owner in this district knows the truth about Ember Oakley’s attacks on our Second Amendment!

That’s why Wyoming Gun Owners is proud to release this digital ad, entitled ‘Back-Stabber,’ which is already running online in Riverton and surrounding areas.

But as you just heard, the news isn’t all bad, as Bethany Baldes has signed her survey 100% pro-gun and has promised to be a fighter for the Second Amendment in Cheyenne!

Our digital ad campaign is underway.

But we still need your help to get other aspects of the program up and running, including radio ads, direct mail, and ‘slicks.’

Remember, insiders are reporting to us that the anti-gun lobbyists who want to pass FIX-NICS mental health gun control are hoping that Ember Oakley will be their new bill sponsor — now that WYGO members threw Mike Von Flatern and Bill Pownall out of office!

We can’t let up, not for a minute. So please make an immediate donation of $100, $75, $50 or even just $25 to help WYGO go ‘ALL IN,’ exposing Ember Oakley and her hatred for gun owners!

And please help us make sure this ad is seen by as many gun owners as possible, by sharing it on your social media feed or forwarding this email!

For Wyoming,

Aaron Dorr
Policy Advisor
Wyoming Gun Owners

P.S. Wyoming Gun Owners just released our first digital ad of the 2020 General Election cycle, exposing the fact that Ember Oakley is a hyper-moderate who tried to kill Stand-Your-Ground law in 2018!

You can see it here

It’s essential that WYGO has the resources we need to exposeOakley’s attacks on our gun rights, as anti-gun moderates hope that she will carry their FIX-NICS legislation in Cheyenne!

Please make an immediate donation to help WYGO expose Oakley’s record on guns using direct mail, radio ads, and more!