Breaking…Judge Upholds SAPA Law!

Missouri’s Second Amendment Preservation Act (SAPA) has survived the legal challenge brought against it by St. Louis and Kansas City, after a ruling from a Circuit Court Judge!

Thank you to all of the WYGO members who funded the legal work that Wyoming Gun Owners did to defend SAPA from Biden’s Department of Injustice, who wanted to overturn this law.

As we said all along, it was critically important to back SAPA in Missouri for the simple fact that dozens of politicians here in Wyoming were watching to see what happened in court. If SAPA was struck down, it would greatly harm our momentum in Cheyenne.

As a reminder, SAPA legislation limits Wyoming cops to enforcing Wyoming laws when it comes to firearms, ammunition, and accessories.

Phrased another way, it requires Wyoming cops to IGNORE federal gun control laws and Executive Orders altogether. And should a department (like Cheyenne PD) violate SAPA law, you can drag them into court for civil damages!

That’s why leftist cities hate SAPA law so much. They know that if they enforce ANY of Joe Biden’s war against gun owners (whether federal law or Executive Orders), you and I can drag their departments straight into court!

Now that the courts have validated the Second Amendment Preservation Act, it’s time the Wyoming legislature get about the business of passing SAPA here.

County resolutions are fine…but they are merely symbolic. If we want to STOP Wyoming cops from being used to enforce federal gun control laws, we need to pass SAPA law in Cheyenne!

Please help us do that, by doing the following:

>>> Sign your official petition in support of the Second Amendment Preservation Act, calling on your legislators in Cheyenne to get this done.

>>> Making a donation to help Wyoming Gun Owners fight. It’s going to take mail, radio ads, digital ads and everything else that we can do to force this bill into law. We need your help.

With the Second Amendment Preservation Act being upheld in court, it’s GO TIME! Take action right away!

For Wyoming,

Aaron Dorr
Policy Advisor
Wyoming Gun Owners

P.S. A Missouri judge has just upheld the Second Amendment Preservation Act law that our sister organization passed in Missouri earlier this year!

Thank you to every WYGO member who funded the amicus briefs that Wyoming Gun Owners filed in this case. We knew that moderates in Cheyenne would use a legal defeat of SAPA in Missouri as a reason to tank the bill in Wyoming next session. Now they can’t.