Tell McCarthy to Stand Up for Our 2A Rights, Not Anti-Gun Republicans!

There’s ONLY one Congressman who hates the Second Amendment as much as Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi — Pennsylvania “Republican” Brian Fitzpatrick.

He supports an Assault Weapons Ban, Red Flag Gun Confiscation, the Bump Stock Ban, raising the age limit to 21 to purchase a long gun, AND now he’s lead sponsor of NATIONAL GUN REGISTRATION (H.R. 715) . . . with 181 DEMOCRATS!

Aren’t Republicans supposed to OPPOSE gun control?  Not Brian Fitzpatrick, and not Kevin McCarthy either.  As a reward for supporting gun control, McCarthy is hosting a HUGE fundraiser for anti-gun Brian Fitzpatrick with all his SWAMPY lobbyist friends.

Brian Fitzpatrick attacks our gun rights.  Kevin McCarthy gives him millions of dollars.

Please send your PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL to Kevin McCarthy and insist he stands up for our Second Amendment rights, not anti-gun Republicans like Brian Fitzpatrick.

After you’ve sent your email, please make a call to Kevin McCarthy at 202-225-4000 and tell him our gun rights are on the line and he needs to fight for us, not RINOs like Brian Fitzpatrick.

Once you have sent your email and made your call, please chip in whatever amount you can afford to help us mobilize TENS OF THOUSANDS of gun owners in every corner of Wyoming to fight alongside of us!