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Tell Gordon to Sign SF-109 and HB-125!

WYGO’s legislation to ban ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ passed the House and the Senate and is now headed for Governor Gordon’s desk!

SF-109 would ban ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ in Wyoming in almost all circumstances, and would enact civil penalties allowing you to sue any agency who violates this law in civil court for damages!

At the same time, HB-125 has also passed both chambers of the legislature. This legislation would repeal deadly “Gun Free Zones” here in the State of Wyoming! Even the RINOs admit that madmen target victims in “Gun Free Zones”.

And remember, Mark Gordon promised, in writing to sign these bills into law when he ran for Governor in 2018!

Now that both of these bills have passed the House and Senate, please send your pre-written email to Governor Gordon, urging him to do his job and sign SF-109 and HB-125 into law! The legislature has done their job, now it’s time for Governor Gordon to do his!

Once you’ve done that, take the next step and become a member of Wyoming Gun Owners so we can keep fighting for you in Cheyenne! Get involved at!