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Vice Mayor Kenyne Schlager’s anti-gun thought process.

This email was used by permission from one of our members. It reveals the thought process or better “lack of rational thought process” ...
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Casper gun ban advances

Email Alert — 12/08/11 On Tuesday night the Casper city council voted 5 to 4 in favor of a gun ...
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Casper city gun ban — the real agenda

Casper city council has recently released a statement suggesting they had no intentions of advancing gun free zones. But the ...
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Big win for a first step toward restoring freedom

Governor Mead responds to gun owners, and signs Constitutional Carry!  Wyoming is moving in the right direction, and it is ...
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Police Unions, friend or foe? You decide

HB-95 Wyoming Firearms Freedom Act and how the gun-grabbers used it.  (Don’t miss the police union/gun grabbers wish-list below) Update:See ...
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Alert – SS number to be required on Hunting Licenses

ALERT – Social Security number to be required on all Hunting licenses! There is a new federal firearms data base coming ...
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WyGO PAC web-site launched

  CHEYENNE — WyGO PAC has been launched…we are on the road to Liberty!  The WyGO PAC raises funds to support ...
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When Constitutional Carry Legislation is brought forth like HB-113 the ANTI-GUN POLICE UNION begins to lobby the legislature with the mantra ...
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Great News From U.S. District Ten Court

U.S. District Court Rules: Leave Open-Carriers Alone – Fourth Amendment Applies By Anthony Bouchard On September 8, 2009, United States District ...
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The Truth about the Brady Campaign and their use of suicide statistics in Wyoming

    Half truths that are used to ram anti-gun legislation down our throat and an example of a politician ...
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Wyoming Castle Doctrine – First Time Used

‘Make my day’ law allows weapons charge to be tossed “In the motion, Steele wrote that the state couldn’t meet ...
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The Start of Nanny State Gun Control

The Gun Control Agenda has reared up and shown it’s ugly head here in Wyoming. While most of us would ...
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