Immediate Action Needed: Repeal Gun Free Zones

I have great news from the Capitol, the Repeal Gun Free Zones Act now has two sponsors in the Wyoming Senate. And after visiting with both of them, I can tell you they are committed to defending your right to bear arms. Senator Curt Meier (R-Goshen/Niobrara/Weston) is the primary Senate sponsor, and Senator Cale Case (R-Freemont) is the lead co-sponsor for this much needed legislation to restore gun rights in

HB-114 passes house 42-17

I watched as HB-114 Repeal Gun Free Zones passed the House vote 42-17 — without any amendments. Now it moves to the Senate. The bill’s House sponsors are as follows — and they deserve your gratitude: Rep(s) Allen Jaggi, Mark Baker, Mark Jennings, Kendell Kroeker, Tyler Lindholm, Bunky Loucks, Dave Miller, Garry Piiparinen and Tom Reeder. If HB-114 was signed into law it would allow citizens who possess a concealed-carry

Tomorrow HB-114 repeal gun free zones in committee

HB-114 the Wyoming Gun Free Zone Repeal Act — sponsored by Rep. Allen Jaggi will be heard tomorrow morning. Please take action immediately. If you haven’t done so already, please contact the committee members listed below. Then plan on being at the Judiciary committee hearing for HB-114 on Wednesday Jan 28, at 8:00am — in Room 302 at the Capitol. Please be at least 30 minutes early. If this WyGO-backed

Action needed HB-114 repeal gun free zones

HB-114 the Wyoming Gun Free Zone Repeal Act, sponsored by Rep. Allen Jaggi will be heard in committee in just days. This is the first part of the process to advance the much needed legislation to the House floor. The Judiciary committee will meet on Wednesday Jan 28, at 8:00am — in Room 302 at the Capitol. It is best to arrive to this committee meeting at least 30 minutes

Stop HB-144 phony school security

You’ve heard it before…Politicians that say, “we’re doing it for the children.” And that’s exactly what they’ll say about House Bill-144, the fake school security bill. See the bill here This legislation is a boondoggle that will ensure that the anti-gun bureaucrats remain in power. Put simply, HB-144 creates a new state agency stacked entirely with appointed bureaucrats including the State Attorney General and the Director of Criminal Investigation. There’s

You won - NRA reveals real stripes

Wow! What a way to start a week, snow clogging up I-80 delaying travel to the interim committee meeting in Rawlins. Just getting to the pavement from my snow drift covered gravel road became an obstacle. Fortunately by 4:30 pm Monday I was on the road to Rawlins for the meeting that was rescheduled for Tuesday. And here’s the Good News. Yesterday you WON in a serious gun control skirmish…

And the ammo winner is...

Congratulations to Jon E. of Campbell county, the winner of WyGO’s 500 rounds of .223 ammo giveaway. As you may already know, the .223 caliber is widely used in weapons that were recently ‘banned’ and are slated for confiscation in Connecticut. And closer to home, where the Colorado legislature recently banned std capacity ’30 round’ magazines forcing Mag-pul to pull up stakes and move out. This is why we do

Rep. Matt Teeters echoes twisted gun-control logic

A few days ago I informed you in how some “Republicans” have learned to game the system, in deceiving their constituents while pushing the gun-control envelope. And now, another glimpse into the anti-gun politicians ‘inside game’ to crush your God-given right to self defense. Just days ago in a PBS interview, Representative Matt Teeters, clearly recited the same words that the gun control politicians use — Teeters said, “that the

Good news HB-111 and SF-109 gun control bills died, then it turns ugly

The good news is that late Friday evening I watched as anti-gun measures House Bill-111 and Senate File-109 died a quiet death in both houses. This happened ONLY because of Second Amendment advocates like you! Despite the fact that the gun control crowd was pushing hard — your barrage of calls and emails in opposition could not be ignored — especially during an election year. But here is where it

Rep Troy Mader knows best, Not!

Before being ‘recently appointed’ to fill an empty seat, Rep. Troy Mader claimed he would go to Cheyenne to promote limited government. But now it seems he has already fallen in-line with the inner workings of the “establishment”. Rep. Mader while receiving many emails in opposition of HB-111 and SF-109 — claiming to be an expert, he responded by telling of the day that he wrote an essay on the