81-Yr-Old Man Defends Himself & His Bedridden Sister

UNIONTOWN, PA. – For 30 years, a Pennsylvania man kept a .22 pistol on his nightstand, never knowing if he’d need to use it. But on November 4, the moment this 81-yr-old man had prepared for back when Ronald Regan was President, came to a terrifying reality as 46-year-old Franklin Schrout broke into the man’s home, and assaulted him during a robbery attempt. When the 81-year-old said he had nothing

Man shoots 2 armed men who tried to rob him at ATM, police say

Pittsburgh – When a 42-year-old man went to get money from an ATM in a late night withdrawal, he brought his concealed pistol along for the trip. During his transaction, this gun owner was accosted by two armed thugs who attempted a robbery. According to the police, the would-be victim pulled his own firearm in fear for his life, and shot both suspects in self-defense. One suspect was hit in

Man Who Shot Crossroads Mall Terrorist Is USPSA Competitor, 3-Gun Shooter

USPSA Shooter,  3-Gunner, and NRA-certified firearms instructor Jason Falconer has been identified as the man who shot and killed a 22-year-old Somali immigrant who went on a stabbing rampage inside a St. Cloud, (MN) Mall on Saturday. The apparent terrorist—who apparently asked victims if they were Muslims before stabbing them—was engaged by Falconer inside the mall. Falconer is the president and owner of Tactical Advantage LLC, a shooting range and tactical

Man, 82, shoots and kills home intruder at 1:30am

UNIONTOWN, Pa. —An 82-year old man used a gun that’s been on his nightstand for 30 years to shoot a burglar in Uniontown early Friday morning.Uniontown police say the home invasion happened at 1:30 a.m., in the 100 block of Lenox Street. Police will not disclose the name of the homeowner, but they say he was awakened by a burglar and the two engaged in a physical confrontation. That’s when

Teen suspect killed in Rosharon home invasion faced previous robbery charge

Las Vegas – Out on bond and awaiting trial for an early felony armed robbery, 18 year-old D’Andre Fanniel made the decision to continue in his fateful career path, and this time he brought a friend with him. So the two armed gunman shattered the back door to 5100 Apollo Lane and demanded money from a woman in the home. Thankfully, the woman was on the phone with her son-in-law

Governor Mead's dirty secret

As Wyoming celebrates ‘125’ years of statehood, Matt Mead could go down in history as being the worst Republican Governor Wyoming has ever had. Earlier this year I warned you of Governor Mead’s role in appointing a gun-grabbing judge to the Federal Courts. My worse fears materialized… A Federal Court ruling allowing guns inside of a parked vehicle has been overturned. In a 2-1 appellate court decision on ‘Bonidy v. United

Senate gun control version of HB-114 first reading today

The Wyoming Senate is poised to pass their ‘substitute’ version HB-114 counterfeit legislation during its first reading this afternoon. This legislation is an attack on the Wyoming state preemption. The state preemption bars local governments from making decisions on your right to bear arms. In one page of this bill, there are several citations by activist Judge Rulings intended only to weaken current Wyoming Statute protections. In a nutshell, this

HB-114 Wednesday -- John Lott Jr. to testify

Good news about Wednesday’s Senate hearing on HB-114…John Lott Jr. will be in Cheyenne to testify at the Senate Committee! The House bill sponsor of HB-114, Representative Allen Jaggi, along with the Senate sponsor Senator Curt Meier — invited John Lott Jr. to provide expert testimony about concealed carry pertaining to HB-114 Repeal Gun Free Zones. Lott is an Economist who received his Ph.D. in economics from UCLA in 1984

HB-114 Senate Committee Hearing Wednesday

Great news! Your grassroots activism has paid off… HB-114 Repeal Gun Free Zones will be heard in committee in just 2 days on Wednesday Feb, 25 at 8am — in Room 302 at the Capitol. Remember it’s best to arrive 30 minutes early. Even if you plan on attending this important hearing, please take the recommended action below immediately. HB-114 will restore permit holders, or better said, ‘Wyoming’s most trusted

HB-114 assigned to senate committee

HB-114 has been assigned to the Senate Education Committee and it awaits being added to the schedule. This committee works very closely with the same “Education-Lobbyists” that want the bill gutted and dead on arrival. These committee members need to know you will be watching how they act on this much needed legislation that will restore the right to self defense across Wyoming. Remember the House just passed HB-114 Repeal