Don’t Let Them Register Your Guns And AMMO!

The vicious attacks on your gun rights are in full swing in D.C. and the hits are coming fast!

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee has just filed H.R. 127 which will mandate the registration of all firearms AND ammunition across the country!

This is what the gun-grabbers have always wanted, a way to track, trace, and register every gun owner in America, as though we are sex offenders who need to be ‘monitored’ by the federal government. 

Imagine, every single time you buy a box of 9mm (hard as it is to find!) you have to fill out government paperwork telling them who you are, how much you bought and what its “intended purpose” is. And then that information goes into a database controlled by Joe Biden’s goon squad.

We have to push back and make sure H.R. 127 NEVER becomes law!

So please use the form to send your PRE-WRITTEN email to Senators Barrasso and Lummis (and Congresswoman Cheney), opposing H.R. 127!

When you’re done, please join Wyoming Gun Owners as a member and help us push back against this anti-American agenda by going to!