Tell the Judiciary Committee to LEAVE Stand-Your-Ground Alone!

In 2018 the legislature enacted our beautiful Stand-Your-Ground law, reacting to thundering pressure from tens of thousands of grassroots gun owners, who demanded they pass this much needed bill.

This legislation simply protects law abiding gun owners who use appropriate levels of force to defend themselves and their loved ones from violent criminals, as is the case in dozens of other states.

Removing or weakening this legislation would force gun owners back to the days of having to retreat before taking defensive action, jeopardizing their safety and putting them in danger of a politically motivated criminal prosecution!

The Wyoming State Supreme Court has recently upheld our Stand-Your-Ground law in a landmark self-defense case and even added some helpful processes to streamline the protections that Stand-Your-Ground law provides to innocent gun owners.

But the Judciary Interim Committee is threatening Stand Your Ground Law, and trying to destory this legislation that gun owners worked so hard for!

Please sign this petition immediately, telling the Judiciary Interim Committee to keep their hands off our Stand Your Ground Law here in Wyoming!