Help Us Shut Down FIX-NICS Gun Control! Email Your Lawmakers NOW!

Moderate lawmakers in Cheyenne like Democrat-turned Republican Senator Mike Von Flatern and others are trying to pass H.B. 59, ‘FIX-NICS’ legislation that would create a growing list of gun owners that would be sent to the federal government.

Far worse, this mental health gun control bill would allow liberal judges to arbitrarily obliterate your gun rights before you’ve been convicted of anything, based on the word of a liberal mental health examination!

Passage of this bill is a top priority for moderates in Cheyenne who want to pass ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation, by normalizing the idea of disarming Wyomingites who have not committed any crimes!

Gun owners shut this bill down during the 2019 summer interim committees, but swamp monsters like Senator Von Flatern and Representative Pownall are trying to ram it into law during the 2020 budget session!

This is outrageous! Take action today using our automated system that allows you to email, call, Tweet and even send video messages to your lawmakers in just seconds!

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