Help Us Defend Wyoming’s Constitutional Carry Law – Sign Your Petition Today!

Bloomberg-funded activists and others are trying to destroy the Second Amendment here in Wyoming, by trying to repeal our Constitutional Carry law! 

They want to return Wyoming to the day where we had to beg the government for the right to carry a firearm for self-defense, or go to jail; despite the fact that studies always show that the fastest way to lower crime rates is to put more guns in the hands of law abiding people. 

Wyoming Gun Owners fought hard to pass Constitutional Carry law, having to overcome then-Governor Mead’s obstructionism behind the scenes as he worked against the bill. So we’re not going to sit idly by while Bloomberg funded activists try to overturn this legislation!

These people are raging socialists who hate the Second Amendment, hate gun owners, and they hate the fact that you and I are proud of our heritage of freedom. Help us stop their war on gun owners, sign your petition today!